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A box filled with things
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titel A box filled with things
artiest Kim Koelewijn
tekstschijver/componist Kim Koelewijn/Jeffrey Kreinik
He sits in his chair watching tv
Raises his glass to her and their 60 years
Gets calls everyday from the lady downstairs
To ask him if he’s ok, he pretends he’s not there

cause he knows what they will tell him
That she’s not coming back, that it’s time to move on
And he knows that he can’t tell them
That to him she’s still there, to him she’s not gone

cause he still has this box
Filled with memories
With her favorite dress
Postcards from overseas
Pictures of her and her best friend
Her diaries, the letters that he sent
Helps him through everyday
No matters what live brings
But he knows when he goes it will just be
A box filled with things

He goes outside the sun shines on his face
He goes to the park to their favorite place
She always loved the fall and it’s bright colored leaves
And he is smiling as they fall from the trees

And he knows what they are saying
That he’s a silly old man who talks to a ghost
And he knows that he’s not staying
But as long as he’s here they will always be close


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