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Clap your hands (and stamp your feet)
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titel Clap your hands (and stamp your feet)
artiest Bonnie st. Claire & Unit Gloria
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
What I wanna say, was it yesterday
That I also saw you here
Yes I know you tried, by my side
To draw my attention dear

But you understand that I really can´t
Come in touch with you
But if you really will
If you want it still
I tell you what you have to do:


(well) clap your hand, and stamp your feet
And I´ll come running
Running, running baby
Well clap your hands and stamp your feet
And I´ll come running
Just you wait and see

Hu-ma la la la 2x

And it´s great to see, that you just want me
And i think I´m the happiest girl
That you´ve ever met, just be sure of that
I´d like to tell it the whole wide world:


Every moment dear, I wanna be near
I wished I had a crystall ball
So that immediately, I´d know you needed me
By doing our strange way to call:



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