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titel Explosive
artiest Babe
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
Dynamite, every time you hold me tight
A volcano, deep inside
A flash of lightning in the night
Baby I am so:

Explosive, honey by your touch
Explosive, it´s doing so much
Explosive, baby I ´ll show you what I am

A bullet, a rocket, I´m flying again
A jet, a comet, higher and then
I´m leaving the earth, that´s what your touch can do

A cannonball, when I´m thinking you may call
Help me now, ´cause I fall
In love with you, take it all
Baby I´m so:


Bang, bang, I see great balls of fire
In every color and they take me higher
Bang, bang, I ´m burning in the heat
I´m going to the stars, every time we meet

Count down, here I go
Right to the sky, ´cause I´m so:


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