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Let me come back home, mama
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titel Let me come back home, mama
artiest Bonnie St. Claire
tekstschijver/componist Peter Koelewijn

When I woke up today
I made myself a confession
I called too early “hurray”, when I left home
Oh, and now the room is cold
And in my bed, my one-night lover
The mirror on the wall, says “you’re alone”
I’m going down on my knees
For you, I’m asking, please:


Won’t you, let me come back home, ma
And take me back again, mama
Let me come back home, ma
For my life is like a rolling stone
Oh yeah

I remember the words you said
when I closed the door behind me
Child, you will regret, what you have done
And now I know you were right
But I am still your daughter, mama
I’ve lost my teenage-pride, it’s all gone
And now I’m down on my knees
I’m asking, asking, please:


Don’t know what to do
Early in the week, hoping that you
Will forgive me, mama !


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