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Let´s talk about it in the ladies room
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titel Let´s talk about it in the ladies room
artiest Curtie & The Boombox
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
I said this for the first time when I first was at school
And boys looked at my girlfriend and me
I told her when we stay here we´re acting like a fool
I know a place were we can speak free

So let´s talk it over in the ladiesroom
Let´s talk about the boys
Do you agree , yes I assume
There is too much noise

And still me and my girlfriend
When we go out for a dance
We think the same when two boys come our way
Then we take our handbags
Before they take their chance
And my girlfriend knows exactly what I”ll say:


We have to decide very soon
Who will make the first choice
You dig that mr. Dynamite
That mr. Dancing shoes

Yes I am sure all the girls are doing the same thing
When they look at handsome boys
They start souping :


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