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(Like a) locomotion
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titel (Like a) locomotion
artiest Left Side
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
Heavens, good heavens there she goes
With her maxi smile and her mini clothes
She makes my blood as hot as the sun
Heavens , good heavens I´ve got to run

Like a lo lo lo lo lo locomotion (2x)
I´m a mo mo mo mo mo moving (2x)
Like a lo lo lo lo lo locomotion

Wait for me what´s your name
Are you alone that´s a shame
Didn´t mamma tell you that little girls
Need a man like me in this world


Heavens, good heavens your name is hazy
What a nice sound it drives me crazy
Never met a girl like you
Got to have you, yes I do


Like a Locomotion van Veronike Ryke (Franse cover)

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