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Lonnie (English version)
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titel Lonnie (English version)
artiest Peter Koelewijn
tekstschijver/componist Peter Koelewijn

It’s rather long ago
And I am a little bit wiser
Lonnie has disappeared
Like the top-hits of those days
On which we danced together
But the questions still remained
Like, if I did it over again
Should I do it the same way ?

She was seventeen, still a child
And I was six years older
Lonnie was six years further
In that little game, called love
The only thing of which she knew enough
And she played it like a woman, warm and soft:

Lonnie, Lonnie, Lonnie
You tried it so hard, honey
You’ve done your best and you are not to blame
Oh Lonnie, Lonnie, Lonnie
You tried it so hard, honey
But the end came quick, you’ve packed your things
And life has never been the same

And the filters of the seasons
Let me see the things as crystal
I’ve made the stupid mistakes
Like every jealous man
Like butterflies in sunbeams
She danced in disco-bar lights
With every tramp that asked her
Like butterflies just can

She said things as “mon amour”
“Je t’ aime” and more of that nonsense
On her handbag she wrote “George,
Ringo, Paul en John”
I understood those things just later on
When sorry didn’t help ‘cause  she was gone


Oh Lonnie, I’m searching all the world
To tell you, I’m sorry girl

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