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Mañana mañana
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titel Mañana mañana
artiest Bonnie St. Claire
tekstschijver/componist Peter Koelewijn

Mañana, mañana
Tomorrow you’ll get it
Mañana, mañana
People used to say
From the time I was a little girl
Life promised me the whole wide world
But that was always tomorrow
That will it be, till I fade away

Mañana, mañana
Tomorrow I’m a winner
Mañana, mañana
But I’m a looser today
And if life will pay the million bills
I’ll be the richest girl in Beverly hills
The doors to luck are closed
That will they be, till I fade away

Mañana, mañana
Tomorrow I’ll be happy
Mañana, mañana
But I’m crying today
I thought I’ve found a true love
Of course he found a new love
But the real one is coming
I have to wait, till I fade away

Mañana, mañana
I promise you today
I pack my things and go somewhere
What people say, I don’t care
I’m not their cup of tea, no
I never will, till I fade away

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