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Mister Blitzer
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titel Mister Blitzer
artiest Babe
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
Mister Blitzer, how do you do
Champagne is on ice, and I am waiting for you
Mister Blitzer, what do you say
This lady keeps you company, ´till you go away

There´s a place down in soho
Were women don´t go, and only men know
The band plays cool, but the music is hot
And the girl at the door, is telling every big shot:


The prettiest girl was maria for sure
A gypsy princess in every dress that she wore
Nobody knew, where she came from
But only her smile, made the men come

And maria was dancing, like she never had done
Completely in trance, and everyone
Was clapping there hands, it was as if they were
Gypsies ´round a fire, looking at her
And she was dancing…

Then I saw the man, he stood at the door
His black eyes were staring at the girl on the floor
And suddenly, I understood why
He stepped on the floor and said: “maria goodbye”

And the shot thundered in my ears
I flew to the door, thinking, get out of here
All through soho, I ran and I ran
I will never return, would say never again:


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