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My Malaysia
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titel My Malaysia
artiest Babe
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
My Malaysia, selamat tinggal, selamat tinggal
Till we meet again
My Malaysia, I hear the drummer call
I hear the drums call, yes we´ll meet again
My Malaysia, high on the mountain
I see the fires to show me the way
Let them burn, till my return

Did you ever smell the rains when the monsoon blows
Then, the bunga-raja flowers go to sleep
That´s were the sea embraces the golden coast
And guitars and gamalan softly weep
Darling, my darling my kukaseh ku
I miss the sun but boy I miss you most
My love for you is true and deep


On the penang beach he smiled at me
He sold wild orchids on that place
The son of the sun he seemed to be
A blue jean prince with ebony face
Darling, my darling, my kukaseh-ku
My Malaysian dream wait for me
I still feel the touch of your warm embrace


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