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Patrick, mon cheri
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titel Patrick, mon cheri
artiest Kiki & Pearly
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn/W. Hoebee/H. Schmits/K. van Oostindiën

No, never my love I ´ll forget you
No you are my summer
You are in my dreams
I´ll always be with you
Patrick, mon cheri
My love, je t´aime

Patrick, mon cheri
I write this letter to you, sitting in my room,
All alone with memories of you in my heart.
The man on the radio says the weather is bad
all over the world and I feel so bad,
´cause I remember the summer we spent together.
But patrick, mon cheri, the summer is over
The radio says it also rains in cannes,
were we had such a beautifull time together.
While the rain is beating against my window,
I remember how we lay in the sun
and went swimming in the warm ocean water
And danced in the hot summer nights close together.
I´m shivering.
Is it from the cold outside or from the memory?
Patrick, mon cheri, je t´aime.

Sung :

No, never my life, I forget you
You are my summer
In all my dreams , I´ll be always with you
Patrick, mon cheri, je t´aime

Parlando :

Patrick. Summer seems so long ago and when I look outside,
you can almost feel the cold. Oh I miss you.
Patrick, mon cheri, you are so far away.
Please write me a letter so that I can read it
over and over again in the cold winter nights
and remember the love we had last summer.
Patrick, I miss you. I miss you so.
I love you. Je t´aime, je t´aime.

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