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Shop around
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titel Shop around
artiest Babe
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
No, no, no don´t you ever
Shop, shop, shop, shop around (4x)

I don´t know is it so can I trust you baby
´cause you too, got to do overwork all the time
Then I´m tossing and turning, are you coming home
I´m biting nails, close to the telephone
You don´t have to justify every minute of your life
I never asked for that


But don´tyou ever
Shop shop, shop shop around 4 x

When you´re tired, and the fire inside is n´t burning
Then I´m here and I´ll care for you anytime
But I won´t spent my live with watching tv
´till you realise that you need me
Don´t justify every minute of the day
I never asked for that


I always thought, with someone like you
I´m standing on solid ground
But don´t you, don´t you, shop around


I love you but often I say to myself
I wonder were you can be found
But don´t you, don´t you, shop around

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