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The battle of Sally Ann
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titel The battle of Sally Ann
artiest Saskia & Serge
tekstschijver/componist Saskia & Serge
When she walked into this place
She was crushing all the men
Her blond hair was burning
In the rising sun
She laughed her beauty laugh
And said her name was Sally Ann
Can you show me the way to Harry’s Pub
‘Cause I’m a stranger and I’m searching for a job

All the men they fell for Sally Anny
Sally Anny with the fascinating smile
She came falling down from heaven
In august sixty seven
Like an unexpected gift to every men
So it started, the battle of Sally Ann

On a heavy loaded evening
There was a fight in Harry’s Pub
You could hear the fighting row
For miles and miles around
Smashing broken bottles faces
Covered up with blood
And in the middle of these mess stood Sally Ann
And showed a little jeering smile to every men


All the way she came she did not even say goodbye
Leaving half a city with a broken heart
When you visit Harry’s Pub
It’s still written on the card
We never ever saw her again
But here it started, the battle of Sally Ann

The battle of Sally Ann, een produktie van Will Hoebee, kwam in 1978
tot de 38ste plaats in de top 40. De plaat werd opgenomen in de
Hickory/Acuff-Rose Studio in Nashville Tennessee. De arrangementen
waren van Harry van Hoof.

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