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The clapper song
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titel The clapper song
artiest The Familee
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
Yes we got something new
Tell you what you got to do, clap on
Take two little bits of wood
Not longer than half a foot, clap on
It’s a little bit indeed
But that’s the only thing you need, clap on
Your fingers have to be strong
If you play this clapper song, come on

Everybody, clap on
Everybody clap on

Every little child in Holland, did it years ago
We wanna teach it to the world
Are you ready, here we go !
Everybody, clap on
In the clapper song

Oh it’s the cheapest toy
For every girl and every boy, clap on
You can do it on the street
Or together on a disco beat, clap on
When you play it right you get
a better sound than castanets, clap on
You’re not too old, you’re not too young
It’s everybody’s clapper song, come on

Everybody, clap on
Everybody, clap on

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