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Tommy (is a winner)
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titel Tommy (is a winner)
artiest Babe
tekstschijver/componist P. Koelewijn
Seven year old kids, raised in the Beatle time
Jacks full of hits, like “love me do”
The leader of the boys, was the special friend of mine
Tommy is a winner

Tommy, Tommy, and you always said to me
Tommy, tommy, where you are I wanna be
But look at me now
Oh, oh, Tommy, dobedo
Oh, oh, Tommy, dobedo
Oh, oh, Tommy, dobedo
Tommy is a winner

Eighteen year old kids, no Beatle songs on the jack
Years ago they split, then Tommy said to me
I have to go I get, a big chance but I’ll come back
Tommy is a winner


The first years I got his letters
Precisely twice a week
He wrote: I miss you, I love you
I always do
But later I got his letters
Only once a week
And now it stopped, I guess
He found someone new
Oh I lost you, Tommy !


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